Transport Canberra and City Services

Positive and negative impacts of each of the proposed treatment measures and their indicative costs

Traffic Calming Device / Cost



Linemarking with kerb extensions

$100,000 - $110,000

- Can give the impression of a more confined road and result in reduced speeds.
- Relatively low cost.
- Create a safer interface between driveways and road users.
- Speed reduction is generally low.
- Drivers may mistake an empty kerb-side lane as a traffic lane.


$50,000 per set

- Reduce vehicle speeds.
- Discourage 'rat running'.
- Aesthetically pleasing.
- When used to narrow the carriageway provide a shorter crossing distance for pedestrians.
- Relatively expensive.
- Can make access to adjacent residences more difficult.
- May not reduce motorcycle speeds.

Speed cushions

$15,000 per set

- Reduction in vehicle speeds in the vicinity of the speed cushions.
- When used as a series reduces the overall speed over the entire length of street.
- Relatively low cost to install and maintain.
- Can be designed to minimise inconvenience for buses and emergency services vehicles.
- Traffic noise may slightly increase just before and after the speed cushions.
- Less effective in slowing motorcyclists.
- Less effective in slowing vehicles with a wider track.

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