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Molonglo 3 Roads and Infrastructure Package

3A: John Gorton Drive

The first stage of the Molonglo 3 Roads and Infrastructure Pack includes the following works:

  • upgrade 900 metres of Coppins Crossing Road (south of William Hovell Drive) to a dual carriageway. The upgraded road will be known as John Gorton Drive (Stage 3A).
  • upgrade and signalise the intersection of John Gorton Drive (Stage 3A) and William Hovell Drive.
  • build a new signalised intersection on John Gorton Drive (Stage 3A) for access to new areas of Molonglo, including the future suburb of Whitlam.
  • construct a 600 millimetre water main along William Hovell Drive and John Gorton Drive.

3B: John Gorton Drive

Detailed design work has been completed for John Gorton Drive Stage 3B, which is the next section of John Gorton Drive south of Stage 3A. Tenders for construction have been called and are currently being assessed. Features of Stage 3B include:

  • upgrade 500 metres of Coppins Crossing Road to a dual carriageway. The upgraded road will form part of John Gorton Drive
  • one additional signalised intersection on John Gorton Drive to provide a second signalised intersection into Whitlam
  • one unsignalised left-in / left-out intersection into Whitlam from John Gorton Drive.

600 millimetre water main from Weetangera Reservoir

Construction has commenced on the 1.6 kilometre long, 600 millimetre diameter trunk water main from the Weetangera Reservoir to William Hovell Drive to provide the water supply for the future suburbs of Molonglo 3. Access through The Pinnacle Nature Reserve is being maintained across the project alignment at a number of locations. Work is due to be completed in early 2019.

November 2018 update

Two-way traffic remains located temporarily on the future southbound carriageway of John Gorton Drive. The northbound carriageway earthworks and drainage is complete and work on asphalt placement is continuing. Work on the pavement reconstruction and signalisation of the William Hovel Drive / John Gorton Drive intersection is ongoing. Completion of both the Stage 3A dual carriageway and signalised intersection is due for completion in early 2019.

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