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Dickson bus station

Project background

The Dickson Bus station constructed on the extension of Cape Street, between Northbourne Avenue and Challis Street, is in operation. The bus station provides for two-way bus traffic only, providing two bus platforms and a hub for bus users. The bus station is planned as a transfer station for patrons when the Dickson Light Rail Station is operational later this year.

Scope of works

The Dickson bus station includes signalisation of the bus station Cape Street intersections with Northbourne Avenue (southbound carriageway only) and Challis Street. The presentation of the Dickson Bus Station design was coordinated with the planned Dickson light rail station; including the paving, landscaping and infrastructure palette.

In addition 22 additional car parking spaces were constructed in the nearby verges on Cape Street and on Challis Streetto improve accessibility to the Dickson Centre.

Project funding

The ACT Government committed $4.25 million for the supervision and construction of this project.

Traffic impacts

The bus station provides a bus only link to the road network. The entry and egress of buses to the bus station at both the Northbourne Avenue / and Challis Street are controlled with signalised intersections.
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