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Bunda Street Shareway

Project background

The Bunda Street shareway, between Mort Street and Akuna Street, is the fourth and final stage of the ACT Government's $6 million Civic Cycle Loop project. A unique design was chosen for this section of the Loop based on the nature of the street, its high pedestrian and traffic volumes, and the vibrant retail and hospitality environment.

Take a tour of the City's new Bunda Street shareway

Scope of works

The Bunda Street shareway project features a slow speed (20km/h) 'shared space' for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Although the roadway is shared, it is the responsibility of motorists and cyclists to give way to pedestrians. In this context 'giving way' means slowing down or coming to a stop to avoid a collision. All road users need to be mindful of one another.

The shareway has been designed to make Bunda Street feel less like a conventional road and more like a plaza. The shareway is pedestrian friendly and safer for all road users due to a a few key features:

  • a slow speed zone of 20 kilometres per hour
  • raised entry thresholds at each end of the street to show a changed traffic environment
  • additional kerb ramps to improve access for people with mobility impairment as well as pedestrians and cyclists
  • no formal pedestrian crossings
  • street art, landscaping and feature lighting
  • road pavement raised to footpath level at intersections.

The design also aims to provide opportunities for Bunda Street to support special community events and festivals as well as commercial activity.

Improving our cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is part of the ACT Government's commitment to creating an environment which makes healthy lifestyle choices easier and encourages a move away from car reliance towards greater use of sustainable transport.

Project funding

The Bunda Street shareway forms part of the ACT Government's $6 million Civic Cycle Loop project.

Community consultation

The ACT Government engaged three urban design consultants to participate in a design competition for the Bunda Street section of the Civic Cycle Loop in early 2013. Three potential designs were presented to the public for consultation. Over 250 pieces of feedback were received from the community. Following extensive stakeholder and community consultation, as well as technical analysis of all three designs, the ACT Government chose to progress the design from GTA Consultants – the Bunda Street shareway.


Construction of the project commenced in September 2014. All major site work was completed in May 2015 and some minor works will be completed in the coming weeks.

Traffic impact - Changes to parking arrangements

The location of loading zones, taxi ranks and disabled parking was changed, however the number of spaces remained the same. Short stay parking spaces are limited throughout the day to help reduce car activity during this time. More short stay parking is available during the evening to encourage increased activity and visitation to the many shops, restaurants and cafes along the street. This has been achieved by converting loading zones by day to short stay parking spaces at night.

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