Transport Canberra and City Services

Community Paths

Roads ACT manages and maintains the ACT's community path network.

The development of the cycling network is based on ACT and federal transport, bicycle and safety strategies.

Walking and cycling are encouraged as modes of transport as they:

  • enhance fitness, health and general life enjoyment;
  • reduce traffic congestion;
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • reduce public expenditure on new roads and car parking facilities.

Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) is responsible for the enhancement and development of cycle and pedestrian paths in established recreational areas. The Land Development Agency (LDA) and the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) are responsible for developing paths in newer areas. Input is sought from Pedal Power ACT who promotes commuter cycling and to develop a safe and effective network of cycle paths.

Lake paths

Maps of the major lakes around Canberra are available as follows:

Shopping area pavements

Roads ACT is responsible for maintaining the condition of pavements in all shopping areas. If you are concerned about the condition of pavement you can contact 13 22 81 or lodge a feedback form.

Community path maintenance

Policy for Footpath Maintenance: Word Version (119 KB) - PDF Version (118 KB)

Current contractor works packages

Lodge a feedback form

On a day to day basis Roads ACT sweep and repair cyclepaths and their associated traffic control devices, such as signs, lines and guardrails. Prioritisation of maintenance is based on usage rates of sections of the network, which usually coincide with their proximity to urban centres. The footpath network is not routinely maintained, consequently members of the public are relied on as the sole source of information about the condition of the network. To provide information about the condition of the cyclepath or footpath network please contact 13 22 81 or lodge a feedback form.

The ACT Government is committed to improving the accessibility of web content. To provide feedback or request an accessible version of a document please contact us or phone 13 22 81.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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