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Littering of any kind is illegal under the Litter Act 2004. Once one person dumps rubbish, others may think it's okay to do the same – but it's not!

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Types of littering offences

You can be fined for:

  • littering in or on a public place, including cigarette butts
  • depositing of litter that is likely to cause an injury to persons or damage to property in or on a public place
  • transporting refuse or waste and failing to arrange, contain, fasten or cover it so as to prevent any part of the load from falling or being blown from the vehicle
  • depositing of commercial and garden waste in or on a public place
  • failing to take reasonable steps to prevent litter from your commercial premises being deposited in or on a public place
  • depositing or abandoning a dangerous container in a public place or public tip
  • placing advertising leaflets in or on a motor vehicle in a public place.


The penalty for littering varies depending on the offence:

  • Basic littering: $1,000 for individuals and/or $5,000 for businesses.
  • Aggravated littering that could cause injury to person, animal or public place: $5,000 for individuals and/or $25,000 for businesses, or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.
  • Dumping of illegal substances under the Dangerous Substances Act 2004: up to $200,000 for individuals and/or $1 million dollars for businesses and/or 7 years imprisonment and the possibility of other penalties.
  • Littering cigarette butts could lead to a $60 on the spot fine.
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