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What to put in your wheelie bins

What can I put in my recycling bin?

For recycling bins and hoppers, you can dispose of most household packaging products including:

  • rigid plastic packaging containers
  • paper and cardboard products
  • empty glass bottles and jars
  • empty steel and aluminium cans
  • cartons.

Check the Recyclopaedia to find out how to dispose of common items. Remember, just because something can't go in your recycling bin doesn't mean it can't be recycled - the Recyclopaedia can help you find an alternative.

To make recycling easier:

  • empty containers of excess food and liquid and rinse if necessary
  • remove lids from containers before placing them in the recycling bin – this helps to compact the final sorted product ready for transport
  • take your recycling out of plastic bags: for safety reasons, bags won't be opened and all the recycling inside will go to landfill.

If you have more recycling than can fit in your recycling bin, there are FREE recycling drop-off centres where you can drop off paper, cardboard, glass bottle and jars, cartons, rigid plastic containers as well as steel and aluminium cans and foil.

What can I put in my rubbish bin?

For rubbish bins or hoppers, you can dispose of:

  • general household waste that cannot be recycled
  • nappies and sanitary products (bagged for health reasons)
  • food scraps or expired food that cannot be composted
  • non-reusable clothes, linen and shoes
  • Styrofoam meat trays and polystyrene packaging
  • broken/unwanted ceramics, mirrored glass or drinking glasses
  • kitty litter
  • broken/irreparable toys
  • non-reusable pens, pencils, rubber bands, pencil sharpeners and other stationery items
  • soft plastics, such as chip packets, inserts to cereal packets, lolly wrappers, single use, recyclable, biodegradable and reusable bags, and the outside wrapping of biscuits packets (soft plastics can be recycled at your local supermarket).

What cannot go in my bins?

In any kerbside bins or hopper, don't dispose of:

In your rubbish bin or hopper, don't dispose of:

  • recyclable or reusable materials
  • garden waste
  • rocks and soil
  • dead animals or carcasses.

In your recycling bins and hoppers (yellow), don't dispose of:

  • soft plastic, including plastic bags
  • shoes, linen and clothes
  • food and organic waste
  • nappies
  • oil, such as cooking and motor oil
  • crockery and kitchen glassware
  • non-packaging glass
  • car parts
  • rubber products
  • polystyrene or Styrofoam trays and packaging
  • waxed cardboard.
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