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Responsibilities after registration

Owner's responsibilities for trees on private land

  • Nominate trees for inclusion on the register.
  • Protect registered trees in accordance with the Tree Protection Act 2005.
  • Agree to the publication of details about registered trees (including photos and locations) on the TAMS web page, during the notification of registration and in promotional material about the tree register and Canberra's urban trees.
  • Submit application forms for activities requiring approval. Approval is required for any activity that is likely to cause damage to a registered tree. This includes killing or removing a tree, major pruning or activities that are likely to cause the death or decline of a tree or significantly and adversely affect the trees health, stability or general appearance. Any proposed groundworks within the tree protection zone of a protected tree also requires approval.
  • Development of a Tree Management Plan where required. Assistance is provided and guidelines on developing a tree management plan are available in the Tree Protection (Guidelines for Tree Management Plans) Declaration 2010.

TAMS Responsibilities

  • Maintaining, administering and promoting the ACT Tree Register. This includes the assessment of nominations and applications to undertake tree damaging activities, as well as making the register available to any person who wants to inspect it.
  • Protect trees on the register.
  • Development of a Tree Management Plan where required.
  • Assess proposed developments that may impact on a registered tree.
  • Undertake management and maintenance of registered trees located on unleased territory land managed by the Directorate in accordance with a Tree Management Plan.

Tree Management Plan

A Tree Management Plan (TMP) may be proposed for a registered tree as a mechanism for undertaking a range of activities that may affect the tree. The TMP would describe the status of the tree(s), their protection requirements and what activities may be undertaken (for example minor pruning in accordance with the standard for Pruning Amenity Trees (AS4373)). Activities undertaken in accordance with an approved TMP do not require any further approval from the Conservator. The TMP will become a formal requirement for any development application that involves a registered tree.

The Tree Protection Zone is defined as:

  • the area under the canopy of the tree
  • the two metre wide area surrounding the vertical projection of the canopy and
  • the four metre wide area surrounding the trunk as measured at one metre above natural ground level.

Diagram of a tree showing the extent of the tree protection zone. 

Penalties for not complying with the Act

The fine for undertaking a prohibited activity without approval is between $1,250 to $56,000 for an individual and $6,250 to $280,000 for a company.

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