What is Urban Parks and Places Volunteering?

The Urban Parks and Places Volunteering (UPP) is a community partnership between the local community and the ACT Government. The program allows the community to get involved in a hands‑on way to contribute to the conservation, presentation, and maintenance of Canberra‘s many public urban open space areas.

These include:

  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • grasslands
  • green spaces
  • shopping centres
  • creeks, wetlands and lake surrounds.

The ACT Government works with the three ACT Catchment Groups - Ginninderra, Southern and Molonglo - to support urban parks and places volunteer groups that undertake works on TCCS managed land.

What do Urban Parks and Places Volunteers do?

UPP Volunteers make improvements to local urban open space areas and are involved in the following activities:

  • weed control and removal programs
  • horticultural maintenance
  • litter collection
  • monitoring and reporting issues
  • park restoration projects
  • minor tree maintenance activities
  • habitat restoration
  • planting and maintaining plants
  • community education and social events
  • citizen science
  • training and workshops
  • conservation projects.

Join an existing Urban Parks and Places volunteer group

There are 35 existing urban parks and places volunteer groups across Canberra. Some groups meet regularly while others meet on an ad hoc basis. Refer to the map to find an existing volunteer group near you. Contact the Urban Parks and Places Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Start a new urban open space volunteer group - Getting started

Contact the Urban Parks and Places Volunteer Coordinator to have a chat about the area of open space you would like to care for and make improvements to. Get together with family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours or special interest groups to increase conservation, pride, participation and the look of your neighbourhood.

Useful Links

ACT Landcare Gateway – Useful resources for all things landcare in the ACT. This included information on the ACT Catchment groups, descriptions of urban parks and places groups and other volunteering for the environment opportunities in the ACT - actlandcare.org.au

More information

For more information about Urban Parks and Places volunteering opportunities contact the Urban Park and Places Volunteer Coordinator:
p: 6207  0781
e: urbanprograms@act.gov.au

Adopt-A-Park Community Grants Program

The Adopt-A-Park grants program is now open to all Canberrans and volunteer groups in the ACT who want to care for their local urban spaces. The primary objective of the grant program is to strengthen the capacity of local communities to care for and maintain local neighbourhood parks and public places.

Funding through this grant initiative will look to encourage more community members to volunteer in urban parks and places by participating at supported community events and projects across Canberra.

The latest round of grants has now closed.

Successful applicants will be notified in the coming months.

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