Impounded Animals

Yard Date impoundedNameBreedColour Male/Female/Desexed status Location found / Stray/Hand-inAction
12 10/11/2018 Phoebe Great Dane X Bull Mastiff Tan/White Female Handed in for rehoming View Photo
22 6/11/2018 Alta Shar Pei x Black & Brown - Found: Moncrieff - Stray  
14 9/11/2018 Sarge Mastiff X Staffy Brindle - Gordon - Stray  
15 17/11/2018 Unknown Shar Pei X Tan/White M Entire Stray  
9 22/11/2018 Unknown Staffy X Mastiff Brown/White M Entire Stray View Photo
6 22/11/2018 Unknown Staffy X Mastiff Fawn M Entire Stray View Photo
30 29/11/2018 Unknown Staffy X Beige F Entire Handed in for rehoming View Photo
17 03/12/2018 Unknown Boxer X White/Brindle M Entire Stray View Photo
5 07/12/2018 Unknown Staffy X Tan M Entire Stray View Photo
2107/12/2018UnknownStaffy XTan/WhiteM DesexedHand in strayView Photo
1607/12/2018UnknownBull ArabBrindle/WhiteM EntireRoaming Cowen ForestView Photo
3207/12/2018Bailey-Black/WhiteF EntireRoaming Isabella PlainsView Photo
3107/12/2018Chewie-TanM EntireRoaming Isabella PlainsView Photo


Tan/WhiteM DesexedFound in CalwellView Photo
 13/12/2018MiaStaffy XTanF Desexed--
 13/12/2018ZiggyStaffy XTanF Desexed--
1313/12/2018SpotTerrier XWhite with black spotsM DesexedHanded in for rehomingView Photo
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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.