Lost Dogs


Have you lost your dog?

Steps to take if you have lost a dog:

  • View the dogs currently at the DAS Shelter. If you aren't sure if your dog appears in the list, you can visit the Domestic Animal Services (DAS) Shelter in person to view the dogs.
  • Check the DAS found animals list, where members of the public can list the details of a dog they have found, then you can contact them directly and collect your dog.
  • Check with the RSPCA and vet clinics in your area.
  • If you still haven't found your dog, please call or email your dog's details so they can be added to the list and members of the public can contact you directly if they find your missing dog.
  • Once you have listed your dog as missing, it will appear in the lost pets list.

If you list your dog as missing, then find your dog, please let DAS know so your dog's details can be removed from the list.

Have you found a dog?

Steps to take if you have found a dog:

  • If the dog is wearing an ID tag with a contact number on it, try to contact the owner and make arrangements for them to collect their dog.
  • Check the lost pets list to see if the owner has reported the dog as lost, then you can contact the owner directly.
  • List the dog's details on the found list so the owner can contact you directly.
  • Take the dog to a vet clinic where its owner may be identified if the dog is micro-chipped.
  • Take the dog to the DAS Shelter on Mugga Lane, Symonston.
    • If you find a dog after hours you can leave it at the drop-off pens at the front of the DAS facility. Check the DAS opening hours.
    • Two drop off kennels are located adjacent to the main gate at Domestic Animal Services (DAS) on Mugga Lane, Symonston. Dogs left in the drop off kennels will be collected the following morning.

Make sure you dog can be returned if lost

Would a DAS ranger be able to return your dog if they were lost? Unfortunately more than half of Canberra dog owners would have to say "no".

Registering your dog is a quick and easy job and ensures your dog can be easily returned if lost.

Once your dog is registered keep your contact details up to date. To update your registration contact details please email DAS at dogcontrol@act.gov.au or call Access Canberra on 13 22 81

Remember to provide your dog's name, registration number and your full name.

I want to surrender my dog

Please visit the DAS shelter during open hours. You will be asked to complete a form outlining the dog's history. The form helps rangers assess the dog's suitability for re-homing.

A surrender fee for each dog applies.

DAS kennels are not suitable for cats. Please drop off stray cats to the RSPCA on Kirkpatrick Street in Weston.Beagle looking through the bars of a dog cage

Dogs impounded at the DAS shelter

View dogs currently impounded at the DAS Shelter.

Dogs at the DAS shelter have been found DAS rangers roaming around the ACT or have been handed in by members of the public.

Impounded dogs are held for seven days while DAS rangers try to locate the owner. Unclaimed dogs may be sold or euthanised by DAS after this seven day period.

All dogs impounded at the DAS Shelter must be claimed in writing and ownership proven before they are released. All dogs must be registered at time of release from the DAS Shelter. An impoundment fee applies depending on the history of your dog plus a daily fee applies if the dog is not claimed within the first 24 hours. View the current fees.

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