Lost Cats

Have you lost your cat?

View the animals currently at the DAS Shelter.

Contact the RSPCA as all cats found in the ACT are housed at their facilities.

Lost and found pets are listed on the RSPCA website.

You can also contact the RSPCA by phone on 6287 8100.

You can also email the RSPCA at rspca@rspca-act.org.au or visit the RSPCA animal care unit in person.

The RSPCA provide a thorough check list of what to do if you've lost your pet.

Have you found a cat?

Cat sitting under a tree

If the cat is not wearing an identification tag with a contact number, take the cat to a vet clinic where its owner may be identified if the cat is micro-chipped.

Alternatively you can contact the RSPCA and they will assist you in returning the cat to it's owner.

Make sure your cat can be returned if lost

Would a member of the public be able to return your cat if they were lost?

It's quick, easy and not expensive to purchase an identification tag for your cat to wear on their collar. Many key cutting businesses also sell and engrave pet tags. Attach a name tag with your contact number to your cat's collar, so anyone who finds your cat can easily call you and return your cat safely home.

It's also advisable to attach a small bell to your cat's collar so help prevent your cat stalking wildlife.

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