ACT Legislation

Legislation in the ACT exists to protect the welfare of animals, ensuring all people responsible for the welfare of animals are acting in accordance with the law are accountable for their actions.

You can read the legislation on the a.c.t legislation register at the below links.

Code of Practice for the Sale of Animals in the ACT
The Sales Code sets standards for the care and management of animals for sale.

Sales Code Factsheet (PDF 263KB)
This factsheet provides a summary of the sales code and its key requirements.

Animal Welfare Standards - Codes of Practice
To ensure that animals have access to a reasonable standard of welfare it is necessary to define what the minimum standard of care should be for an animal.Australian Capital Territory coat of arms

Animal Welfare Act 1992
Animal Welfare Act 1992 - A1992-45 - Hosted on the ACT Legislation Register site.

Animal Welfare Regulation 2001
Animal Welfare Regulation 2001 - SL2001-26 - Hosted on the ACT Legislation Register site.

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