Australian History

ProgramDescription Year GroupDuration
Early Settlers The activity sessions outlined below make up a 3 day History program, however each session may be used as a stand-alone experience or in combination. 3 - 4 3 hours per activity
Explorers Walk Imagine if you had never seen Australia before. Take on an explorer’s role: a Navigator to map the land; a Botanist to collect plant specimens to send back to England; a Geologist to take soil samples; an Artist to sketch the landscape. Investigate how local Aboriginal knowledge supported explorers on their journeys.   
A Day in the Life of Beth and Tom Experience life as a child during the 1820s and enrol at Paddy’s River School for a day. A traditional classroom is recreated to give students a valuable opportunity to compare and contrast life in the 1820s with modern day schooling. Learn to write using a nib pen, complete a subtraction lesson with a slate and lead, read poetry and play tradition games like bush billiards and marbles.   
Campfires and Tent Pitching In small groups children learn about fire safety, build their own camp fire and learn how to cook delicious damper twists. Students discover the importance fire had for Early Settlers.   
European Settlement Simulation Immerse yourself in the life of an Early Settler family, fencing land, building a home and trading crops for much needed supplies at the store. Fulfil the requirements of homesteaders in the new settlement of Paddy’s River to earn the deed to your land from the Governor of NSW.   
Gold The activity sessions outlined below make up a 3 day History program, however each session may be used as a stand-alone experience or in combination. 5 - 6 See individual sessions
Prospectors Walk Experience the life of a prospector during the Australian Gold Rush. Students explore the bushland for likely gold deposits, dig for and collect ‘gold’ and use traditional mining equipment like cradles, dolly pots and gold pans to see if they strike it rich.   2 - 3 Hours
1850's Classroom Become a student during the Gold rush of the 1850’s and role play a traditional classroom scenario. Students experience the rules and behaviour expected of children during this time and write with ink and nib pens, count in Pounds and Shillings and measure a claim in inches and feet. Beware those who choose to disobey the teacher as traditional punishment applies.   3 Hours
Tent Pitching and Campfires Learn how to pitch a traditional A frame tent by using tree branches and a canvas. Then build campfire to cook your own damper. Discover the importance of a campfire during the Gold Rush Era and sense of community a fire can create.   2 - 3 Hours
Gold Field Investigations Learn about challenges faced by men, women and Chinese miners on the diggings. Students work in small groups to investigate and recreate a museum display of a goldfields character before presenting a dramatization of their findings.   1.5 Hours
Democracy - Life in the Diggings Simulation Visit Paddy’s River gold fields for the day. Become a miner facing the hardships of living in the Australian goldfields during the 1850s. In small groups each team fossicks for gold, makes a claim and trades their gold for money at the Assay Office. Miners are subject to the whim of the Governor and soon understand why an uprising amongst the miners is necessary. The circumstances surrounding the Eureka Stockade are explored as students learn how to find their voice.   3 Hours