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Municipal Design Standard Drawings


Please note that these documents are only for reference and must not form part of any design or construction contract unless otherwise specifically instructed by the relevant parties.

These documents have been made available as part of a two (2) year trial of the new Municipal Infrastructure Design Standards and have been released specifically for review and comment only. These documents will ultimately replace the current Design Standards for works within developments, as well as minor municipal works, at the end of 2017 trial period.

For further details on the use of the documents and to submit comments on the documents, please the Senior Capital Works Engineer at

The ACT Standard Drawings support the Municipal Infrastructure Design Standards and Technical Specifications. The Standard Drawings have been designed to be read in conjunction with the relevant referenced Municipal Infrastructure Standards (MIS) and Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications MITS).

The Standard Drawings provide detailed pictorial guidance for ACT civil assets, and reflects the most up-to-date industry practice.

The design of and construction of municipal assets in the ACT must be in accordance with the Municipal Infrastructure Design Standards and Technical Specifications. Where any differences in practice exist between the Standard Drawings and the Municipal Infrastructure Standard, the later will prevail.



Subsoil Drainage Standard Details Sheet 1 0301
Subsoil Drainage Standard Details Sheet 2 0302

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All of the below MIS05 documents are available on the ACTive Travel Infrastructure website.

Community Routes Details

  • Paths - Standard details
  • Vehicle restriction to trunk and intermediate paths  - MCR/LCR - Inner-urban / Suburban
  • Vehicle restriction to minor paths -  Inner-urban / Suburban
  • Bicycle-only path details - Two-way
  • Bicycle-only path details - One way pairs
  • Roadway to path - Transition details for cyclists
  • Mixed traffic linemarking - Main and Local  Community Routes
  • Active Travel Street - Design Guidance
  • Kerb ramps - Suburban
  • Kerb ramps - Inner-urban
  • Kerb ramps in islands and kerb slot details


  • Zebra Crossing details - At Intersections
  • Zebra Crossing details - Mid-block
  • Zebra Crossings - Visibility splay details
  • Mid block treatments - Driveway crossings of  bicycle only path
  • Mid block treatments - Driveway crossings of paths
  • Cycle rest rail details

Public Transport connections

  • Bus stop standard details - Connecting path behind  kerb
  • Bus stop standard details - Access path away from  the kerb and extended pad details
  • Bus stop standard details - Access path away from  the kerb with splay connecting path

On-Road Cycling Details

  • ORC Bicycle lanes and marked shoulders- linemarking  and signage details
  • ORC Major Collector road pavement marking in  retrofit

On-road cycling coloured pavement  treatment

  • ORC Coloured Pavement Treatment - Slip lanes and  adjacent parallel parking
  • ORC Coloured Pavement Treatment at Exit Ramps


  • Single Lane Roundabout Treatments (50km/h or less)
  • Single Lane Roundabout Treatment (Greater Than  50km/h)
  • Two Lane Roundabout Treatment (60km/h) - Main  On-Road Cycling Routes
  • Two Lane Roundabout Treatment (Greater Than 70km/h)  - Main On-Road Cycling Routes
  • Side Street   Crossing Treatments (On Platforms)   For Paths (Shared) on Main and Local Community Routes
  • Side Street Crossing Treatments (Street grade)  For Paths (Shared) on Main and Local  Community Routes

Signalised Intersections

  • Bicycle Only Path Details at Signalised  Intersections - Two-Way Path Details
  • Bicycle Only Path Details at Signalised  Intersections - One Way Paired Details


  • Main Community Routes - Directional signs standard  details
  • Main Community Routes - Principal CR and ORC  connection signs
  • Local Community Routes - Directional signs standard  details
  • Local Community Routes - Services plates
  • Community Route Directional Signage - Sign Design  Notes
  • Behavioural signs - Share the Path

CR Signage and linemarking examples

  • Main Community Routes - Directional signage  installation at key decision points and MORCR
  • Main and Local Community Routes - Directional  signage installation at key decision points and underpasses
  • Main and Local Community Routes - Directional  signage at decision points for reassurance
  • Main and Local Community Routes - Directional  Signage at Primary and Secondary Destinations
  • Main and Local Community Routes - Directional  signage at Local Destinations

Equestrian facilities design

Equestrian Routes details and crossings

  • Equestrian Trails - General details
  • Equestrian Trails - Cavaletti and other  infrastructure
  • Equestrian Trails - At-grade road and path crossings  - Uncontrolled
  • Equestrian Trails - Equestrian crossings -  Signalised
  • Equestrian Trails - Underpass layouts in Estate  Development Context
  • Equestrian Trails - Grade separated crossings -  Retrofit only

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Domestic Driveways 0701
Heavy Duty Driveway 0702

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Typical service connections and pipe junctions 0801
RCP Splayed pipe details 0802
Roofwater drainage connections 0803


Type R & QS Sump Inlets 0820
Type R and QS Sumps 0821
KIS Sumps 0822
KIS Sumps Lintel details 0823
Plantation and Grated Sumps in Open Space 0824
Multiple R Sumps 0825
1050 ND Manholes 0826
Special Chambered Manholes 0827
Structures Miscellaneous Details 0829
Pipe Connections to Structures 0830

Pipe Culvets

Pipe Culverts 300 - 675 Dia - Endwalls 0850
Pipe Culverts 750 - 1200 Dia - Headwalls 0851
Precast Box Culverts - Endwalls 0852
Precast Box Culverts - Headwalls 0853
Floodway Low Flow Provisions 0854
GPT Trash Racks 0873
Stormwater Advisory Signs 0890

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Bridge identification plate 0905
Pedestrian bridge barrier railings 0906

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Pavement markings

Pavement markings - Linemarking types 3501
Pavement markings - Chevrons and gores at islands and medians 3502
Pavement markings - Traffic Islands 3503
Pavement markings - Refuge Island details 3504
Pavement markings - T-intersections 3505
Pavement markings - Bus stop details 3510
Pavement markings - Taxi rank disabled, loading zones and motorcycle parking 3511

Pavement messages - Traffic lanes

Pavement messages - Traffic lanes 3520
Pavement messages - Traffic lane messages 3521
Pavement messages - Form one/two lane details 3522
Pavement messages - Walking and cycling facilities 3523

Crossings and raised platforms

Children's and pedestrian (zebra) crossing details 3530
Raised pavement platform details 3531

Typical TCD layouts

TCD's at traffic lights 3540
TCD's for arterial road roundabouts 3541
TCD's for local street roundabouts 3542


Vertical and lateral sign positioning 3601
Endorsed sign systems 3602
School zone and crossing sign details 3610
Refuge island details 3611
Finger board sign details 3620
Signpost and footing details 3630

Parking signs

ACT Parking Signs 3701
ACT Parking Signs 3702
ACT Parking Signs 3703
ACT Parking Signs 3704
ACT Parking Signs 3705
ACT Parking Signs 3706
ACT Parking Signs 3707
ACT Parking Signs 3708
ACT Parking Signs 3709
ACT Parking Signs 3710
ACT Parking Signs 3711
ACT Parking Signs 3720

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Typical Details

1/2P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON; 1/2P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM; 1/2P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON 3721
1/2P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM; 1P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON; 1P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM 3722
1P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON; 1P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM; 2P MON-THRUS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON 3723
2P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM; 2P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON; 2P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM 3724
3P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON; 3P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM; 3P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON 3725
3P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM; 4P MON-THURS 8:30AM-5:30PM, FRI 8:30AM-9PM, SAT 8:30AM-12NOON; 4P MON-FRI 8:30AM-5:30PM 3726
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