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There are two ways in which you may apply for registration as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary specialist (hereafter referred to as a veterinary practitioner). The manner in which you apply depends on whether you hold a current registration as a veterinary practitioner in another state or territory in Australia or New Zealand, or alternatively, whether you are not registered in another state or territory or New Zealand, but have the required qualifications to register - for example, if you are a new graduate or have passed the National Veterinary Examination.

The application process

Applications for registration will generally be considered by the Veterinary Surgeons Board (the Board) at their next scheduled meeting. Applications need to be received 10 days prior to the Board meetings. Applications for registration will be confirmed in writing. A welcome pack, comprising of your Certificate of Registration, Practising Card and the Standards Statement will be sent to new registrants.

Should you require registration prior to the next scheduled Board meeting, you may apply for your application to be considered by the Board out-of-session. Please note it can take up to 10 working days for applications to be considered out-of-session. An additional fee applies for out-of-session consideration and the cost can be found on the Veterinary Surgeons (Fees) Determination 2016 in Veterinary Surgeons Act 2015.

Applications for registration

If you are currently registered in another Australian state/territory or New Zealand, or have previously been registered in the ACT, you can apply for registration under the Mutual Recognition or Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition provisions by completing the Application for Registration - Mutual (PDF 177KB) (WORD 508KB). Otherwise, please complete the Application for Registration - Initial form (PDF 209KB) (WORD 522KB).

Requirements for Registration for Applicants with Overseas Qualifications

The Board accepts overseas qualifications of veterinary practitioners for registration purposes in the ACT if the course/s undertaken have been accredited by the Australian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC).

Once your qualifications have been assessed by the AVBC and have been approved, or you have passed any required examinations, you may apply to the Board for registration. The Board is unable to assist applicants to gain employment in the ACT.

Registration as a veterinary specialist

A veterinary practitioner is entitled to be registered as a veterinary specialist if they are registered as such in another Australian state or territory or New Zealand, or have been assessed by the AVBC as meeting the requirements for registration as a specialist in Australia. Veterinary specialists should use the appropriate application form (Initial [PDF 182KB] or Mutual [PDF 163KB]) depending upon their individual circumstances.

Non-Practising registration

If you wish to maintain current Australian Capital Territory registration and are retired or are on extended leave from practising veterinary science, you may apply for Non-Practising registration. People with Non-Practising registration do not need to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Please note if you wish to return to a practising veterinary position and require full registration after maintaining Non-Practising Registration, the Board requires you meet CPD requirements and the ACT's Recency of Practice requirements.

People with Non-Practising registration must not:

  • provide veterinary services to the public;
  • exercise authority requiring registration as a veterinary surgeon; or
  • prescribe or supply restricted substances proclaimed under ACT and Commonwealth legislation, including for use on your own animals.

To apply for Non-Practising registration please complete one of the following registration forms that applies to your situation and advise you are applying for Non-Practising registration.

  • Initial registration - if you have not previously been registered in an Australian state/territory or New Zealand;
  • Mutual registration - if you already hold registration in another Australian state/territory or New Zealand, or have previously been registered in the ACT; or
  • Renewal registration - annual registration renewal, if currently registered.

Event registration

Event registration allows those working in the ACT for a short period, to attend a specific event, to be registered up to 20 days in a 12 month period. The Board must be notified in writing of the dates you intend to be in the ACT for each event. Please complete the Application for Registration - Event (PDF 183KB) (Word 454KB)

Conditions of registration

In approving applications for registration in the ACT, the Board may apply conditions on your registration. Conditions may be applied where the recency of practice is not current, where the applicants Continuing Professional Development requirements are insufficient or if the applicant doesn't fully meet the requirements for registration in the ACT. Where an applicant has existing conditions imposed by another registering entity, these conditions will be a condition on your registration in the ACT.

Change of details

Registrants are required to advise the Board in writing of any change of details within one month of that change. You can advise the Board of your change in details by completed the Change of Details - Veterinary Practitioner form (PDF 105KB) (WORD 74KB) and sending it to the Board secretariat.

Annual renewal of registration

All registrations in the ACT expire on 30 June each year. The annual registration renewal process is conducted between May and 14 July each year. Our preferred method is that you renew your registration online through Access Canberra. You may also renew your registration by downloading the Application for Registration - Renewal form (PDF 183KB) (WORD 468KB) and sending it to the Board secretariat.

Annual fee not paid

Where a registrant fails to pay the annual renewal fee, the registrant will no longer be registered in the ACT and their details will be removed from the Register. If you have not renewed your registration by 14 July, you will need to complete the Application for Registration - Mutual (PDF 177KB) (WORD 508KB).

Suspension or cancellation of registration

The Board does not have the legislative power to suspend or cancel the registration of a veterinary practitioner, but may make application to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for such an order.

Registration fees

The fees for registration are reviewed annually by the Board. Once the Legislative Assembly has approved the Fee Schedule it will be posted to the Board's website.

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