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Veterinary Practitioner Registration

In the ACT, a person must be a registered veterinary practitioner to operate as a veterinary practitioner and perform a restricted act of veterinary science. The ACT Veterinary Practitioners Board (the Board) is empowered under the Veterinary Practice Act 2018 (the Act) to register and regulate veterinary practitioners in the ACT.

Schedule 1 of the Veterinary Practice Regulation 2018 prescribes the current list of restricted acts of veterinary science. Unrestricted acts of veterinary science are prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Veterinary Practice Act 2018.

Apply for registration

Application for registration form: For new graduates with recognised qualifications and veterinary practitioners/specialists who have moved to the ACT from another Australian State or Territory, or from outside Australia (mutual registration).

Application for Non-practising Veterinary practitioner form: If you wish to maintain current ACT registration and are retired or are on extended leave from practising veterinary science, you may apply for Non-Practising registration. People with Non-Practising registration do not need to complete Continuing Professional Development requirements.

Please note if you wish to return to a practising veterinary position and require full registration after maintaining Non-Practising Registration, the Board requires you meet CPD requirements and the ACT's Recency of Practice requirements.

Renew your registration

The registration period is from 1 July to 30 June. Registration renewal reminders will be emailed to all ACT registered veterinary practitioners on 1 May each year. Registration must be renewed (and the prescribed fee paid) between 1 May and 30 June each year via Access Canberra or by using the Application for Registration Renewal.

Renewals must be accompanied by their Continuing Professional Development Statement and Plan.

An ‘out of time’ fee is payable for veterinary practitioners that renew on or after 1 July.

The Board may remove a veterinary practitioner's name from the register if their registration is not renewed and/or prescribed fee paid by 30 June.

National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR)

NRVR is now in place in the ACT. Under NRVR veterinary practitioners should register in the state or territory in which they primarily reside. The ACT requires veterinary practitioners register with the Board within three months of moving to the ACT.

See the NRVR page for more information.

Register outside the ACT

If you re registered in the ACT and wish to apply for registration in another Australian state or territory, or another country, you may need to request a Letter of Professional Standing from the Board.

Change of details

Registered veterinary practitioners must notify the Board of any change of details within 14 days of the change using the Change of details - veterinary practitioner form.

The application process

Applications for registration will generally be considered by the Board at their next scheduled meeting. The Board generally meets on the last Friday of every month. A list of the dates for Board meetings can be viewed on the Meet the Board page. Applications need to be received 10 days prior to Board meetings.

Applications for registration will be confirmed in writing along with your electronic Certificate of Registration, tax invoice and a welcome pack including the code of conduct and Board policies.

Should you require registration prior to the next scheduled Board meeting, you may apply for your application to be considered by the Board out-of-session. Please note it can take up to 10 working days for applications to be considered out-of-session. An additional fee applies for out-of-session consideration and the cost can be found on the Fees and Charges page.

Submit your application

Forms can be submitted in one of the following ways:


Please note: there is a 10MB limit for each email received at this address. You may wish to split up documents that go over this limit into several emails or use a Dropbox link. The Secretariat will confirm receipt of your application.

ACT Registrar
ACT Veterinary Practitioners Board
GPO Box 158

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