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Chisholm, Richardson and Gilmore traffic management scheme

Project update – August 2015

Following a traffic study in Chisholm, Richardson and Gilmore in 2012-13 which involved the technical analysis of traffic data as well as community feedback, priority 1 traffic management measures were installed on Clift Crescent and Baskerville Street to mitigate concerns regarding speeding and road safety.

In August 2014 Clift Crescent received six sets of speed cushions and Baskerville Street received three sets of speed cushions to help reduce speeds by providing continuous speed control all day, every day.

View a map of the implemented Chisholm, Richardson and Gilmore traffic management scheme*.

*Please note this document contains elements which cannot be made accessible. If you are unable to access the information in this plan, please contact 13 22 81 to request a hard copy.

In early 2015, six months after the implementation of the priority 1 measures, the Chisholm, Richardson and Gilmore traffic management scheme was evaluated to determine if the measures in place had achieved the stated objectives of reducing travelling speeds and increasing overall road safety. The evaluation included a technical analysis of traffic data and community consultation.

For more information on the traffic study and the evaluation view the study of traffic conditions in Chisholm, Richardson and Gilmore.

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