TCCS Drafting Standard

Reference Document 11 Drafting Requirements for Summary Drawings

The new Reference Document 11 has been rewritten and restructured to enable users to obtain required information with minimal interaction.

The Reference Document 11 specifies technical compliance requirements to be followed when preparing Ref 11 summary CAD drawings. Summary drawings are submitted as part of a handover of assets to the ACT Government, Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate in accordance with the requirements specified in TCCS Reference Document 8 - Requirements for works as executed submissions.

This version of the standard has updated layers, AutoCAD blocks, templates, menus and Ref 11 Toolkit (an AutoCAD add-in) to make creating summary drawings with the correct information easier to produce.

The Ref 11 Toolkit

The Ref 11 Toolkit has been designed to work in AutoCAD. The Ref 11 Toolkit uses AutoLISP and Visual Lisp in custom dialog boxes to allow block attributes to be entered with drop down pick lists and built in validation. It also has AutoLISP routines to streamline insertion of the standard blocks.

Refer to the Ref 11 Toolkit user guide below for detailed functionality.

Consultants submit summary drawings online via the Open Spatial ‘As Constructed Portal’ which validates them in approx. 5 minutes. These drawings must pass validation and be reviewed and accepted by TCCS. Reference Document 11 includes information on using the Open Spatial ‘As Constructed Portal’. Authorised users can download The Ref 11 Toolkit and example videos from

AutoCAD Menus

Use the Ref 11 Toolkit menu if producing summary drawings in AutoCAD (see The Ref 11 Toolkit).

Use the Ref 11 AutoCAD LT Menu below if producing summary drawings in AutoCAD LT or compatible CAD software.

Please note that currently this new update does not supersede the old REF-11 TAMS drafting standard for Traffic Control Devices (TCD’s), but is an update to provide the same level of CAD standard to civil and landscaping works. Consultants wishing to provide TCD submissions should continue to  follow the below standards for these submissions until an updated version of the TCD document is available in the future.

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