Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications (MITS)

The Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications (MITS) utilise the AusSpec document framework. This framework provides a level of design consistency across all local government jurisdictions in Australia, and reflects the most up-to-date industry practice. A number of local and regional government jurisdictions have adopted the AusSpec document framework as the primary technical framework for their design standards.

The ACT Government has adopted the AusSpec document framework. Each of the MITS documents provide detailed ACT specific technical construction guidance for civil and open space assets as well as references to a number of relevant construction documents. The MITS documents have been designed to be read in conjunction with these relevant referenced construction documents.

The construction of municipal assets in the ACT must be in accordance with the Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications. Where any differences in practice exist between referenced construction documents and the Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications, the later will prevail.

For documents related to design refer to the Municipal Infrastructure Standards (MIS) website. For standard drawings refer to the Municipal Infrastructure Standard Drawings.

Preface and Guidance Documents

These documents provide a preface and additional guidance to the relevant Municipal Infrastructure Technical Specifications (MITS). This section also provides a quick reference version tracking sheet. This document provides a quick snapshot to be used with contract documents and provides details of the current MITS version, versions of reference documents, and update notes relative to each MITS.

These documents should be read and used in conjunction with the MITS.
  • Preface (PDF 1.1MB)
  • Version Tracking sheet

Municipal Instructure Technical Specification (MITS)

MITS 00 Preliminaries

MITS 01 Roadworks

MITS 02 Earthworks

MITS 03 Underground Services

MITS 04 Flexible Pavement Construction

MITS 05 Sportsgrounds
MITS 06 Concrete Kerbs, Footpaths and Minor Works

MITS 07 Segmental Paving

MITS 08 Incidental Works

MITS 09 Landscape

MITS 10 Concrete Works

MITS 11 Line Marking

MITS 12 Streetlights

MITS 13 Traffic Signals

MITS 14 Road Signs

MITS 15 Street Furniture

MITS 16 Stormwater

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