Why do we need further approvals after the Development Application has been issued?

The Development Application (DA) approval does not fully cover the scope of works associated with off-site works which is why a separate Design Acceptance submission that explains how municipal assets are affected is needed. When the Development Application is approved developers the opportunity to design and document the off-site works once, instead of each time a DA is submitted.

How can we fast track approval of post DA submissions?

To ensure that your application is processed and assessed as quickly as possible you need to lodge a correctly addressed submission at the foyer of WATSO Building, Level 1, 490 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson ACT, and ensure that the submission complies with all requirements of the relevant reference documents.

Can I lodge my submission electronically?

Yes, you can submit submissions electronically via the ProjectWise  portal. To obtain a license to use the portal or for other enquiries regarding TCCS submission  portals, please contact:

James Downing, Operations Manager
TCCS Asset Information Group
Phone: 6205 2106
Email: james.downing@act.gov.au

Once  you obtain the license, please follow the requirements for post DA applications to lodge the submission.

Who is the contact person for my submission?

Details of the project contact person responsible for the assessment of your submission are provided in the last paragraph of the letter of compliance that is attached to the submission acknowledgement email.

What should I do if I cannot contact my project lead?

Please call Development Review and Coordination (DRC) via Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or email TCCS.DRC@act.gov.au.

How soon can I receive a certificate for a post DA submission?

The industry agreed timeframe for the assessment of a submission is 20 working days, however DRC is committed to providing a response to the submission within 10 working days. If a re-submission is required due to a submission not fully complying with Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) requirements, the project contact person may ask for additional information, amendments or rectification of works. If this occurs, the assessment time will start from the beginning of every re-submission and may take an additional 10 days before you receive a response.

Why is the timeframe for assessment of my simple submission 10 days?

Submissions are assessed in the order of receipt. You cannot “jump the queue” as this would extend the assessment time for more complex submissions. However DRC is assessing this process and will continue to discuss with industry further ways they can improve.

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