Waste Management Applications

Approval is required for demolition, excavation and construction works generating in excess of 20 m³ of waste. Application must be lodged via the online lodgement form. The smartform application process is required for driveways and stormwater.

A demolition plan must be provided in accordance with:

These documents are intended to ensure best practice approaches to minimise construction and demolition waste.

Application forms

Application forms for driveways, stormwater easements and waste assessments can be completed at the same time and lodged via the TCCS building application — statement of endorsement and/or compliance form.

Note: Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) Development Review and Coordination (DRC) will approve and stamp the waste management plan which will be forwarded together with letter of approval by email to the applicant.

When submitting the Waste and Recycling Management Application via smartform you must submit the following documents:

  • waste and recycling management plan form
  • demolition plan.

Demolition plan

Before you start demolition you are required to submit a copy of your plan showing the proposed works to TCCS DRC.

Please make sure the plan includes the following:

  • property boundary including dimensions
  • all trees within the property
  • all structures to be demolished within the property
  • all road names adjacent to the property
  • copy of the approved Temporary Traffic Management Plan from Roads ACT.

Categories of waste management approvals

There are four categories of stormwater easement approvals:

  • exempt track (approval through TCCS)
  • code track (approval through TCCS)
  • merit track (approval through Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate - EPSDD)
  • impact assessment track (approval through EPSDD).

For more information about these categories see which track will my DA be in? and exemption from development approval.

A TCCS application is required if you are creating 20 m³ or more of waste as defined in the Code and your project is under the 'exempt track' or 'code track' categories. You must obtain approval from DRC via TCCS.DRC@act.gov.au or 13 22 81.

A TCCS application is not required if your project is under the 'merit track' and 'impact assessment track' categories. Please lodge your development application to EPSDD.

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