Stormwater Easement Factsheet

 Applications can be submitted via the online application form

Do I need to seek approval from TAMS if I am carrying out any construction activity on my property?

Yes you are required to lodge an application for a stormwater easement clearance. A stormwater easement check/clearance is required whether there is a stormwater easement present on the property or not.

This is required if you are planning to perform any construction activity on your property such as constructing a new building or retaining wall, extending an existing building, or performing demolition work.

Where do I find the application form?

The application form is located on the TAMS website

How long will it take to process my application?

TAMS has a maximum assessment time of 15 working days.

What is a stormwater easement?

On some properties, municipal services have been constructed within the leased land. An easement is created to protect these services which constrains the development in this vicinity. In most cases the location of the easement is shown on the Deposited Plan.

What structures are permitted in easements?

The following structures will be permitted within easements subject to compliance with the TAMS Construction in the vicinity of easements document.

1.    Carports

2.    Walls and fences (retaining walls, screen walls, fences and gates)

3.    Cantilevered overhangs

4.    Concrete slabs

5.    Small trees and vegetation

What structures are prohibited in easements?

1.    New dwellings and buildings.

2.    Extensions to existing dwellings and buildings.

3.    Lockable structures including garages, store rooms, tool sheds, gazebos, aviaries, garden sheds and green/glass houses.

4.    Swimming pools, water tanks, non-municipal stormwater structures, electrical and gas appliances and other fixed structures.

5.    Lockable roller doors, tilt doors and similar fittings.

6.    Supports for decks, balconies, building overhangs and the like.

What are the design requirements?

Construction works in the vicinity of stormwater easements should be brought to the attention of TAMS Asset Acceptance for consideration and, if necessary, setting of specific site requirements.

The depth of earth cover over a buried service pipe within the easement shall not be reduced without the prior approval of Asset Acceptance and shall in no circumstances be reduced to less than 0.6m. Also the earth cover over a buried service pipe shall not be increased beyond the depth recommended by the pipe manufacturer for that class of pipe and bedding in that cover situation. This information may be obtained from TAMS Asset Acceptance or the pipe manufacturer.

Footings or foundations of all structures within and adjacent to stormwater easements shall be deep enough such that the structure does not put any loading on the buried service pipe.

What are the submission requirements?

For all structures within and/or adjacent to a stormwater easement, detailed designs shall be submitted with the Building Application plans to Asset Acceptance for an easement clearance prior to the commencement of construction.

For additional design details and requirements refer to the TAMS Construction in the vicinity of easements document.

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