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Road Rules

On-road cycle lane

Obey the road rules, road signs and signals. Cyclists must signal before turning right or changing lanes to the right. Hand signals are not compulsory when turning to the left or stopping, but may be given to let other traffic know what you're doing. When cyclists are in the left lane on a road (including a bicycle lane), they must give way to all buses that are indicating and trying to rejoin the traffic stream.cyclist

A two year trial which started on 1 November 2015 allows cyclists to ride slowly across pedestrian crossings. When riding a bicycle, cyclists will be able to ride slowly across pedestrian crossings (at no more than 10km/h). Cyclists will be required to slow to 10km/h on the approach to the crossing and check for any approaching traffic and be prepared to stop. This is to allow motorists to see and respond to the cyclist before they make the crossing. Cyclists must also keep to the left of the crossing and give way to any pedestrians on the crossing. More information on the trial is available on the Justice and Community Safety website.

If the road you are cycling on has a bicycle lane travelling in the same direction you are required to use that bicycle lane, unless it is impractical to do so. It is recommended that cyclists ride in a single file (unless overtaking another cyclist). To highlight and improve safety for both cyclists and motorists, some sections of Canberra's on-road bike lanes have been painted green, to reinforce that motorists must give way to cyclists at these points.

Shared use path  

(Mostly black bitumen often marked with white centre lines)

The use of shared paths is restricted to non-motorised transport (with the exception of motorised wheelchairs and power assisted pedal cycles). Both pedestrians and cyclists must share the use of these paths. Please respect all users and be prepared to give way to cyclists and pedestrians as necessary. When cycling, warn of your approach by sounding your bell; if you are cycling or walking, keep to the left. Cyclists should pass pedestrians on the right. Cyclists should give way to pedestrians and other users at all times. If you are a pedestrian, keep a look out for cyclists and give them room to pass. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Connector streets

Connector streets are quieter streets that provide connectivity or alternative routes between paths and on-road cycle lanes. Road rules are the same as described in the "On-road cycle lane" section.


Cyclists in the ACT are permitted to ride on footpaths. In NSW however, only cyclists under the age of 12 are permitted to ride on footpaths, as well as supervising cyclists of all ages.

When riding on footpaths, cyclists are required to keep left and give way to pedestrians.

Equestrian use

Cyclists please be aware of equestrians near some shared use paths and announce your presence to riders.

All riders are required to give way to pedestrians.

Dirt tracks/mountain biking

  • Stay on formed roads (constructed trails) and obey signs;

  • Respect the rights of other user groups;

  • Give horses right of way; announce your presence and dismount;

  • Do not ride in large groups; and

  • Respect the environment.

For more information about road and path user rules:

ACT - view the Road Transport content or call on 13 22 81

NSW - visit the RTA website or call on 13 22 13

Please also read these important safety tips for cyclists

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