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Civic Cycle Loop

Project background

The Civic Cycle Loop project is a 3.2 kilometre cycle path that connects Marcus Clarke Street, Rudd Street, Bunda Street and Allara Street creating a loop around the City and connects to existing paths that lead into the city.

The Civic Cycle Loop provides cyclists with improved access to and around the City. It creates a safe riding environment without the need for cyclists to ride on the road or congested footpaths. It is especially designed for new or less confident cyclists with the majority of the cycle loop segregated from general traffic.

A map of Civic displaying the route of the new cycle loop.

Scope of works

The Civic Cycle Loop is made up of four sections – Rudd Street, Marcus Clarke Street, Bunda Street and Allara Street.

Rudd Street - Rudd Street was the first stage of the Civic Cycle Loop. It provides 240 metres of 1.8 metre wide segregated cycle lanes on either side of the street connecting Marcus Clarke Street and Northbourne Avenue.

Marcus Clarke Street – Marcus Clarke Street was the second section constructed. It provides 2 metre wide separated cycle lanes on either side of the road for the majority of its length and connects to the Rudd Street section of the project.

Allara Street north (Akuna Street to Constitution Avenue) – Allara Street north was the third section constructed. As Allara Street connects with Bunda Street at the western end, the design for this section encompasses design decisions made for the Bunda Street section to ensure continuity for cyclists. The design includes 2 metre wide metre wide separated cycle lanes on either side of the road.

Allara Street south (Parkes Way footbridge to Allara Street connection) – This section of the cycle loop is currently under review. The southern section of the loop is subject to consideration as part of the City to Lake project design.

Bunda Street - The Bunda Street shareway was the fourth stage of the project.

The shareway was designed to feel less like a conventional road and more like a plaza. It is pedestrian friendly and safer for all road users. It features a slow speed (20km/h) 'shared space' for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Although the roadway is shared, it is the responsibility of motorists and cyclists to give way to pedestrians. In this context 'giving way' means slowing down or coming to a stop to avoid a collision. All road users need to be mindful of one another.

Project funding

The Civic Cycle Loop was allocated $6 million as a part of the ACT Government's commitment to creating an environment which makes healthy lifestyle choices easier and encourages a move away from car reliance towards greater use of sustainable transport.

Community consultation

Consultation was undertaken separately for each of the stages from 2012 to 2014. Correspondence with local traders and businesses was done in conjunction with each stage of the project.

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