Tours and Presentations

ACT NOWaste invites the community to learn more about recycling by joining us on a tour, or organising for one of our educators to come and present at your venue or event.

Our tours are held at the materials recovery facility and resource management centre at Mugga Lane. This site allows us to demonstrate the functioning of the sorting equipment while discussing how recycling is managed in the ACT. It also gives us the opportunity to show the community the landfill and the recycling and recovery activities that happen there.

What we offer


An interactive learning experience for students to visualise what happens to waste and recycling after the bin and how they (as individuals) impact the waste and recycling stream. The tour and presentation support the Australian Curriculum, please refer school curriculum (49KB) for an overview of topics that relate to the tour and presentation or call us to discuss particular curriculum links. Contact us on 13 22 81 for more information.

Primary and secondary students

Tours for school-aged children feature practical and interactive learning. Hire a bus and bring your students out to the materials recovery facility (MRF) in Hume for a one hour educational session. The session includes a bus trip around the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre (RMC), which includes the landfill; visiting onsite green waste, construction and demolition recycling facilities with one of our educators (on request); as well as time in the MRF classroom seeing how Canberra's recycling is processed. This program can be tailored to meet your curriculum goals. Contact us on 13 22 81 for more information.

College and tertiary students

We offer tailored programs that appeal to both College and Tertiary level students. Interested in helping to inspire the environmental leaders of the future? Contact us on 13 22 81 for more information.

Community groups and home business operators

Custom sessions can be organised with specially designed learning materials to meet the needs of your specific group whether you are a new ACT resident, migrant, housing committee, building body corporate, seniors or special interest group. Interested in increasing recycling awareness in your local community? Contact us on 13 22 81 for more information.

Download and complete our Education Programs Booking Form (PDF 329KB ) (Word 3.5MB) now!

Click on the following video link to view a 6 minutes film which shows how the ACT's recycling is collected from household kerbs, taken to the materials recovery facility in Hume, sorted, baled and then transported to Sydney and Melbourne for recycling.

Hume Material Recovery Facility - YouTube

For enquiries about tours or presentations, contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or email

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