Methane gas recovery systems

Expansion project

Work is now underway to drill new wells and flow lines at the Mugga Lane and West Belconnen landfill sites to expand the ACT Government's methane gas recovery systems. The recovery systems allow for methane gas to be extracted from the landfill and transferred to a power plant where it is cleaned then burnt in converted engines that generate electricity.

Twenty-five new wells will be installed at Mugga Lane landfill, increasing the total number of weeks from 128 to 153. The West Belconnen landfill, which currently has 99 wells, will increase to 110.

The work will be carried out over a two month period starting at Mugga Lane landfill, and is expected to be completed by the end of April 2016. Drilling activities will be undertaken during daylight hours only.

At the end of each day the work area will be capped to cover any exposed waste. This should minimise any increased odour from the site. One of the reasons for extracting methane gas from landfills is to reduce odour emissions. The effective management of landfill gas also helps reduce the risk of landfill fires as well as improving the rehabilitation of the landfills once they close.

These new wells and flow lines will allow for an increased quantity of methane gas to be extracted from the two landfill sites as it is produced. This in turn increases the ACT Government's capacity to generate renewable energy from methane gas.

In 2015, the methane gas recovery systems at Mugga Lane and West Belconnen Resource Management Centres generated enough green electricity to power the equivalent of 3,400 homes. This resulted in the abatement of over 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide which is the equivalent of removing more than 35,000 cars from the road.

Energy Development Limited (EDL), an international provider of safe, clean, and low greenhouse gas emission energy solutions, will undertake the work. The ACT Government has been working with EDL since 1998 to capture methane gas from our two landfill sites.

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