Recycling and Waste Services

The ACT runs a number of programs to support waste management objectives.

Bulky waste collection

The ACT Government provides a collection service for seniors and veterans. This includes one free collection per year for eligible households.

What will be collected?

  • furniture and household appliances
  • garden tools and equipment
  • timber up to two metres in length
  • white goods/sinks
  • building materials/products (excluding rubble)
  • metal products/scrap metal
  • electrical equipment
  • blankets, linen and manchester
  • lighting
  • automotive parts
  • camping and outdoor equipment
  • tools
  • one mattress
  • maximum three televisions or computers.

What won't be collected?

  • garden (grass clipping, prunings) or household organic waste (food)
  • household chemicals or hazardous wastes (including paint, motor or cooking oils, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, pool chemicals, cleaning chemicals, fuels, oils, medicines, or any liquids)
  • fireworks, ammunition or explosives
  • sheet glass and mirrors
  • asbestos sheeting or asbestos products
  • gas bottles or fire extinguishers
  • dirt or mixed fill material
  • tyres
  • sharps, needles or sharps containers.

Who is eligible for the free service?

To be eligible for the free service a resident of a dwelling must hold either:

  • a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • an ACTION Gold Concession Card
  • a MyWay Seniors card (for people who are aged 70 years and above) or
  • a Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card.

You must show your concession card and proof of address to access the service.

One free collection per dwelling is available to eligible Concession Card holders each year.

How do I book a collection?

To book a service:

  • Phone 6249 7974;
  • Email;
  • Fill in an application for Bulky Waste Collection Concession Service (Word 832 KB) (PDF 526 KB); or
  • Fill in an application for Bulky Waste Collection Fee Based Service (Word 820 KB) (PDF 521 KB).

Applications can be posted to The Green Shed, 103/222 City Walk, Canberra ACT 2601.

Collections will normally be provided within two weeks of a booking, subject to demand.

Rules for collections

  • You must ensure that all bulky waste is kept inside your property boundary and in an easily accessible location.
  • If you live in a multi-unit development, you must contact your body corporate or managing agent to identify a suitable location for placement of goods for collection.
  • You must be present at the time of the collection (unless prior arrangements are made at the time of booking your collection).
  • The maximum amount of bulky waste to be collected per dwelling is two cubic metres (a double bed ensemble or two white goods or a three seater sofa).
  • Each item must weigh no more than 46kg and must be able to be lifted and handled by two members of staff.
  • You must complete an application form either before or at the time of collection.

National television and computer recycling scheme

Electronic waste (e-waste) is  a significant waste stream in the ACT. The largest volume of e waste is made up  of televisions and computer equipment such as, printers, scanners, monitors,  keyboards and mice.

Televisions and computers contain  materials which are hazardous both to humans and the environment when disposed  of inappropriately. There are penalties for the illegal dumping of these  products, including outside collection sites and charity bins.

Canberra residents may dispose of their unwanted television and computer  products for free under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Other e-waste recycling locations across the ACT and surrounding areas  can be found at Planet Ark Recycling Near You. Accepted items include:

  • Televisions (CRTs, plasma, LCD, LED and projection televisions)
  • Desktop and portable computers (laptops and notebooks)
  • Monitors
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Cables
  • Drives
  • Printers
  • Scanners, and
  • Computer-related peripherals

A limit of 15 items per person  apply (a keyboard, mouse and monitor equals one item).

Non-accepted items include:

  • Mobile phones (refer to MobileMuster, a free national recycling  program with 4,000 public collection points across Australia).
  • Game consoles
  • Video recorders
  • DVD and blue-ray players
  • Toner cartridges
  • Radios / stereos
  • Power tools
  • Universal  power supplies, and other electronic appliances

Hazardous waste

Hazardous wastes are household chemicals which are potentially hazardous to the environment due to their toxic, corrosive, flammable and/or reactive properties.

Examples include household cleaning products, aerosol sprays, automotive supplies (including oil), paints and thinners, batteries,  photographic chemicals, pool chemicals and pesticides.

There are three locations  where household hazardous waste can be dropped off free of charge:

  • Mitchell Resource Management Centre (open 7.30 am - 5 pm, seven days per  week)
  • Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre (open 7.30 am - 5 pm, seven days per  week)

Note: services vary between facilities and quantity limits apply. All facilities are closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day.


'drumMuster' is a national program that accepts empty  chemical containers for recycling. Remondis at the Mitchell Resource Management  Centre (Flemington Road, Mitchell) currently runs this collection service.

By appointment (first Thursday of every month), clients can bring  out their triple rinsed and punctured containers for recycling. An authorised  drumMuster officer will be on site to inspect all containers to ensure  compliance. Chemical containers do not have to be drumMuster specific.

If you have empty chemical containers to dispose of  please call the Remondis office on 6270 7700 for a form to be faxed to you.  Alternatively, drumMuster forms can be collected from the Mitchell Resource  Management Centre weighbridge or the Remondis office in Hume.

For more information please see the DrumMuster website


Small amounts of asbestos  from domestic sources will be accepted for free at:

  • Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre and
  • Mitchell Resource Management Centre.

The conditions of disposal  are:

  • Material must be double wrapped and sealed in heavy duty plastic.
  • Plastic packages should be no longer than 800mm x 800mm.
  • Packages must be identified to facility operators at the weigh bridges on arrival at the Resource Management Centre.
  • Asbestos loads greater that 250kg or larger than 800mm x 800mm are only accepted as commercial loads and will be charged accordingly. Commercial loads  are accepted only at the Mugga Lane site on appointment. Please contact Remondis on 6270 7700 to arrange an appointment.

For more information please visit the Worksafe ACT Asbestos webpage.

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