Play space upgrades

 The ACT Government upgrades play spaces to ensure they remain safe and fit for play. The upgrades are separated into either whole of play space renewals or minor works. Both are strategic in their approach and focus on the whole play space or play space elements that require attention in the short term.

Minor playground upgrades across the ACT

The ACT Government is conducting a program of minor upgrades to 52 playgrounds across Canberra to ensure the equipment is accessible and safe for children across the ACT.

The upgrades will involve replacing or repairing sections of the equipment including hand rails, scramble nets, fencing and other minor amendments. As well as improving safety for children who use the equipment the new replacement parts will help make the play equipment more fun.

Canberra residents will notice contractors conducting the improvements at various sites around the ACT over the coming months. For safety reasons we are required to close the playgrounds. The closures will be for as little as a few hours to a few days. Signage will be in place to inform people of the planned works at the various locations.

The ACT Government is committed to helping the community lead healthy, active lives. In 2014/15 we conducted similar upgrades to 108 playgrounds across Canberra.

Photos of play spaces including Oaks Estate, John Knight District Park and Rivett Community Park

Whole of playground renewals / upgrades

Play space upgrades occur through a range of capital works programs. These programs focus on upgrading ACT public play spaces to meet current ACT and Australian Standards. Upgrades are undertaken using best practice contemporary play space design to ensure the renewed play spaces are safe, fun, modern and suit the age groups of the children they target.

Community input is a key contributing factor that determines the end result of a play space renewal. Community consultation is routinely undertaken each time a full play space upgrade is planned. Community feedback guides the design of each play space and may be sought on a range of issues such as type of equipment, art work, design theme, etc. Each community is different and each play space is individually designed to meet the needs of the community wherever possible.

Point Hut Pond District Park

In mid-2015 consultation was held on the play space upgrade at Point Hut Pond District Park to identify what play equipment the community wanted to replace the old flying fox. Respondents were provided with an opportunity to select their top three play items. The most popular item was a climbing structure with a combination of different elements (40%), closely followed by challenging teenage play equipment (39%). When the top three items were tallied the climbing structure remained the most preferred item.

Following on from the results of the consultation a new climbing structure that is unique to the park has been chosen as the preferred new item to replace the flying fox. Play opportunities for children with a disability was also reviewed as part of the consultation and as such, inclusive elements have been added to the climbing unit and new swings will be constructed.

These new play items are targeted to a broad age range with a focus on primary school aged children. Local consultant Redbox Design Group has prepared the Final Sketch Plans (PDF 6MB) for the new play space equipment.

The climbing structure will include rock walls, spider nets, rope bridges, grids and a tunnel slide. The new swings will include a range of seat types so that toddlers, children, adults and seniors all have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of swinging. The new climbing structure will be installed adjacent to the existing shared path in place of the old flying fox and the new swings will be installed next to the climbing equipment, behind the basketball court.

Upgrades to the playground will also involve removing the old and often vandalised soft-fall surface. New soft-fall will be installed in some sections to ensure the equipment is accessible to all.

Tenders are now opened for the construction of the new climbing structure and swings. Construction is scheduled to commence in March 2016 and be completed by mid-2016.

Irrigation upgrades at Black Mountain Peninsula District Park

The ACT Government is upgrading and expanding the existing irrigation system at Black Mountain Peninsula District Park to enhance the amenity and beauty of the area.

The upgrades will also improve water efficiency and make it easier for the ACT Government to maintain and manage the system, which will reduce costs resulting from system leaks and ageing infrastructure.

The work includes the replacement of spray heads, pipes and valves as well as the construction of a new pump house and installation of a new pump that will control the irrigation system. The upgraded system will use only non-potable water.

The work will require the temporary closure of the playground at the park as well as two sections of footpath. The closures will be in place from early May 2016 to late June 2016. The ACT Government apologises for any inconvenience.

Previous play space upgrades

For more information about upgrades recently completed, please visit ‘Previous play space upgrades’.

Future playground works

The following playgrounds remain prioritised for renewal barring unforeseen work becoming necessary in other playgrounds. Renewal of these playgrounds is subject to funding availability.

Area Location Play Space Category

Evatt, Belconnen

Jacobs Street Plan 1 (PDF 408KB) and Plan 2 (PDF 2.5MB)


Florey, Belconnen

Boswell Street Plan 1 (PDF 476KB) and Plan 2 (PDF 286KB)


Gowrie, Tuggeranong

Howell Place Plan 1 (PDF 611KB) and Plan 2 (PDF 343KB)


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