Design Review

Every development that is required to obtain a Letter of Design Review needs to meet the following criteria.

Document requirements

Single block, infill developments

These requirements should be used for infill, residential and/or commercial developments within a single block. It specifically excludes developments which require subdivisions, or the creation of new infrastructure networks.

When lodging a Design Review submission please note the following requirements:

  1. Documentation as per Ref 06A Requirements for design review submission - infill developments (PDF 1MB)
  2. Ref 06A - Design Review submission cover sheet for infill developments (PDF 487KB)
  3. TCD transmittal form (if applicable)
  4. Waste and Recycling Management Plan (Excel 190 KB)

All other submissions

When lodging a Design Review submission please note the following important requirements:

  1. Documentation as per TCCS Reference Document 6 (PDF 364KB)
  2. Ref 06 - Design Review submission cover sheet (PDF 211KB)
  3. TCD transmittal form (if applicable)
  4. Waste and Recycling Management Plan (Excel 190 KB)

Lodgement of Design Review submissions

Design Review submissions can be lodged via the ProjectWise Portal or at the reception of the WATSO Building.

ProjectWise Portal

To submit design review submission documents via the ProjectWise Portal, you must obtain a ProjectWise license from Chris Nugent (T): 6207 0708, (E):

Once the license is obtained please follow the process (PDF 309KB) | Word version (DOC 203KB) to complete the lodgement of the submission.

In Person*

Hard and soft copy of the submission lodged at the reception 490 Northbourne Avenue must be addressed as follows:.

Senior Manager, Development Review and Coordination, TCCS
WATSO Building
Level 1, 490 Northbourne Avenue
Dickson ACT

*Please note: From 1st of May 2018 hard copy submissions won’t be accepted and all submissions will have to be lodged via ProjectWise portal.

Assessment process

The Design Review process includes the following steps:

  1. Applicant lodges the submission as per above document requirements.
    Submissions from individual consultants for separate elements of work for the same project and in the same location must be presented together.
  2. DRC undertakes a content check to ensure the minimum requirements for lodgment of a Design Review submission have been met. A response acknowledging receipt will be issued the day after the submission is received.
  3. Incomplete submissions and those which do not meet all the requirements are returned to the applicant for completion.
  4. DRC issues a letter of Design Review once all requirements are met.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges may apply for repeat applications, submissions and inspections of works. Please refer to Submissions and Inspections Guideline Principles and Related Fees and Charges for TCCS and Industry (PDF 133KB) / Word version (DOC 153KB).

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